The Region

The sixteen counties of the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance are strategically located within a day’s drive of nearly 90% of major U.S. and Canadian markets. Over half of the population of the U.S.A. resides within this perimeter. Eastern Ohio has the resources and geographic features most companies need when expanding operations.

• Strategic location — in the midst of major markets
• Ready-access to affordable utilities
• Available, skilled labor pool with competitive wages
• Access to worker training programs
• Feedstocks and raw materials available
• Research and development programs.

Our heart of it all location affords excellent access via interstate highway, existing railroads, navigable waterways, and nearby international airport.

Hundreds of related manufacturing and service companies are located in the region, creating an inter-connected network of consumers, customers and suppliers. They call it profitability by proximity.
Whether you require a large, flat parcel near a city or highway, industrial park or river access, businesses planted in Eastern Ohio grow successful!
The work ethic lives in Eastern Ohio. Loyal, skilled, appreciative workers mean low absenteeism and low turnover. Pride is prevalent.
Our what it takes commitment to your success and our job incentive programs make Ohio competitive with any state in the union.
In addition to enterprise zone abatement areas, Ohio offers a jobs creation tax credit, equipment investment tax credits, export tax credits, and research and development tax credits.
State and local incentives, along with the natural incentives of the region, make Eastern Ohio the preferred destination.