Holmes County

Holmes County lies in the eastern part of Ohio just north of an imaginary line passing from  east to west through the center of the state. The County is situated about midway between Columbus (approx. 80 miles) and Cleveland (75 miles) and is surrounded by a large industrial area with Canton-Massillon 38 miles to the northeast, Akron 45 miles to the northeast and Mansfield 40 miles to the west. The 424 square miles of Holmes County primarily consist of steep hills and narrow valleys and the County is one of the so-called "backbone counties" of the state, being located near the watershed division between Lake Erie and the Ohio River, its streams draining into the latter.


"Local economic development people went beyond the call of duty, letting us know that their main goal was to satisfy our needs, no matter what it took."
Tom Sollars
Human Resources Manager
Merillat Industries
Arnold Oliver, Director of Economic Development
 Holmes County Planning Commission
2 Court Street, Suite 21
Millersburg, OH 44654
Tel: 330-674-8625
Fax: 330-674-1582
E-Mail: hcpc@valkyrie.net


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